JurCraft is a free application for Mac OS X and Windows that allows you to play Warcraft III multiplayer games over the Internet using TCP/IP. It emulates a LAN network between yours and your friends' computers making you able to see and join remotely hosted games.
How does it work?
JurCraft is not really a network emulator per se. Instead, it queries your local machine for any hosted Warcraft III RoC / TFT games and broadcasts the information to a certain group of remote computers, which is fully customizable for the user.
  1. Set port forwarding on port 6112 for both TCP and UDP to your local machine. You might find this link helpful. It is essential that your friends do the same.
  2. Run JurCraft and add your friends' public IP addresses. You can find your IP address here or here. Your friends should obviously follow this step as well. Make sure everyone has everyone else's IPs listed in the "Remote IP Addresses" section of JurCraft.
  3. Launch Warcraft III / The Frozen Throne and enjoy! As long as JurCraft is running on all the computers, all of you should be able to see and join each other's games.
What's new in JurCraft 1.1
Released on 08/02/13
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